Does Brexit mean no European Norms in the UK?

A good friend of mine, knowing I’m working in the United Kingdom and that I am a kind of a fan of the European Norms (not only) for track, asked me:

Does Brexit means no more European Norms in UK?

The simple answer: No. 

The European Norms are issued by CEN – the European Committee for Standardisation. The standardisation bodies of all the member states of the EU are members of CEN but the Committee membership is not restricted to these states:


The countries with national standardisation bodies members of CEN are:

    • all member states of the European Union;
    • three of the EFTA members: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland;
    • other states: Macedonia, Turkey.

The current national standardisation bodies affiliates to CEN are: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Serbia, Tunisia and Ukraine.
The current partner national standardisation bodies are: Australia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan.

Leaving EU does not mean the British Standardisation Institution (BSI) must leave CEN.

The … democratic … answer: You never know! After the story of the boat named “RRS Sir David Attenborough”, you never know! 


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