Track Geometry

[This is a draft page]

I’ll collect here all my posts on track geometry and try to arrange them in a logical order … but it will take some time.

  1. General elements
  1. Track alignment theory
    • Vehicle running through a curve
    • Cant parameters
      • Cant Deficiency. Cant Excess
      • Rates of change of cant and cant deficiency
      • Cant and cant deficiency diagrams.
      • Horizontal and Vertical Jerk
      • Ways of applying the cant
    • Transition curves
    • Principles of track rectification and realignment
      • Versine definition
      • Types of versines
      • Curvature and versine diagrams


  1. Horizontal alignment
  • Bi-quadratic transition
  • Sinusoidal transition
  • Hasslinger transition – the Viennese curve
  1. Vertical alignment


  1. Particular design topics


  1. Rectification and realignment methods