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Modern Railway Track
This is perhaps the best and most complete technical book about the railway track. It is written by Dr Coenraad Esveld, Professor of Railway Engineering at Delft University of Technology. A detailed review of the book is presented here:, C. (2001). Modern railway track (Vol. 385). Zaltbommel, The Netherlands: MRT-productions.
British Railway Track. Design Construction and Maintenance

Edited by Geoffrey H Cope, the six edition was published in 1993 by the Permanent Way Institution and has around 40 contributors for writing the 30 chapters of this essential track compendium. Reviewed here:

The previous issue, edited by D.H. Coombs and published in 1971 by the Permanent Way Institution, has a different content and details more some of the mathematical concepts of the plain line and S&C design, including the usage of the virtual transition. It also presents the renewal and maintenance procedures and technologies – omitted in the later version.

Cope, G. H. (Ed.). (1993). British railway track: design, construction and maintenance. Loughborough,, UK: Permanent Way Institution.

La voie ferrée
by Jean Alias. A detailed review of the book is presented here:
Căi Ferate
Vol 1. Bazele proiectării căilor ferate (Principles of railway track design)
Vol 2. Suprastructura căii (Railway track superstructure)
by V.Hila, C. Radu, C. Ungureanu, G. Stoicescu
These two books are the ones that defined the basis of my railway track techinical education – together with the railway track specific courses taught at the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest.
British Railway Track – Design of Railway Switches & Crossings in Flat Bottom Rail


British Railway Track – Switch & Crossing Maintenance


 British Railway Track – Plain Line Maintenance  
 Track Compendium – Formation, Permanent Way, Maintenance, Economics  
 British Railway Track – Track Terminology  
 Design of High-Speed Railway Turnouts. Theory and Applications

by Ping Wang

Railway Management and Engineering- Fourth Edition
By V. Profillidis
 Track-Bridge Interaction on High-Speed Railways: Selected and revised papers from the Workshop on Track-Bridge Interaction on High-Speed Railways, Porto, Portugal, 15–16 October, 2007
Authors: Rui Calcada, Raimundo Delgado, António Campos e Matos, Jose Maria Goicolea, Felipe Gabaldon
 Dynamics of Railway Bridges

By L. Fryba


Volker Matthews

Handbuch Eisenbahninfrastruktur (Ge)
by Lothar Fendrich
Handbuch Erdbauwerke der Bahnen: Planung – Bemessung – Ausführung- Instandhaltung (Ge)
Claus Göbel, Klaus Lieberenz
 Desvios ferroviarios (Es)
Authors: José Manuel García Díaz de Villegas and Miguel Rodríguez Bugarín
 Gleisdynamik (Ge)

Author: Klaus Knothe

Handbook of Railway Vehicle Dynamics
by Simon Iwnicki
 Dinamica Vehiculelor Feroviare (Ro)

By Ioan Sebeșan

Transrapid und Rad-Schiene-Hochgeschwindigkeitsbahn. Ein gesamtheitlicher Systemvergleich (Ge)
Authors: Schach, Rainer, Jehle, Peter, Naumann, René
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