3 thoughts on “Rail thermal forces for jointed and CWR track

  1. 🙂 Yes, J Mack, I know about that.
    During the presentation I used that photo as an illustration of the buckling triggering energy (see slides 31 and 32). This comes from different external factors, almost all related to track. In Christchurch the triggering energy was provided by the earthquake, as you said. I mentioned that when I commented the photo.
    The photo is a very good illustration of a buckling, one of the best I know. It shows the buckle wave, the ballast pushed aside, the sleepers’ track through the ballast…
    Yes, the trigger is unusual, an earthquake, but that does not decrease the value of the photo.
    That is why I used it before, mentioning the earthquake, in this post:
    If you will click on the photo it will take you to a web page commenting more about the event and showing more photos.


  2. You need to check your photographs before making a fool out of yourself. The cover photo of buckled track is what happens when the land moves 2 meters forward in an EARTHQUAKE in New Zealand, Christchurch, I know I was there!

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